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Our goal is to help you resolve your physical a/o emotional issues as efficiently and thoroughly as possible

We balance the various human energetic fields. Our beings have many layers beyond our physical bodies.  These layers are the same ones discussed in cultures, religions, and historical texts. There are the causal, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies as well as planes of dynamic consciousness that we balance and facilitate.

We are energetic facilitators of bioenergy (Bio – life-energy). We seek to clear and remove energies that do not serve you. These could be: blockages, barriers, diversions, stagnations, irregularities in flow or form.  We look to your multi-layered energetic body to find the answers to physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual problems.  We do this through the measurement of energy using a  branch of applied kinesiology (muscle-testing) called bioenergetic kinesiology.

Most physical and psychological issues/conditions have a physical root in an imbalance of pH. But an imbalance of energy that throws off these pH levels is not always the primary root.  Inspired by the bioenergetic practices from South America, we can trace, track and re-align energies to their natural state.  

What is “Bioenergetic Programming”?

Bioenergetic Programming is the practice of commanding, adjusting, and helping the body perform certain actions, cycles, and corrections to regain balance and harmony on all levels of your being.  We do this primarily using the resources of the body alone along with some other outside restorative resources to improve vitality and energy. We perform this in a way similar to practitioners of epigenetics using the body's innate power to command, change and heal itself.

Anyone can control their body. While we as practitioners don't make physical adjustments or corrections with a hands-on method, we can help the body re-organize itself to its natural state through various energetic corrections, intentional statements and biomagnetic pair therapy.

Like other energetic modalities - homeopathy, Bach flower essence modalities etc., we resonate energy into the body in a session to address or remedy issues.

We also use micro-bioenergetics, where we utilize the micro-organisms, the micro-currents, the crystalline network, cells, and tissues to re-align and recover a natural state for your physical body.  You can speak and take control of your cells, your DNA and your genes.  We may use the micro world to help with dysfunctions, syndromes, and disease and with it discover the complex relationships between emotions, pathogenic micro-organisms, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors.  We do this by understanding the complex equations that these energies co-exist within.


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