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Fur Particles Allergy

Bioenergetic Allergy Protocol

Allergies are as much energetic imbalances as they are biochemically.

Allergies to particular materials can be caused my a plethora of underlying causes, from particulate exposure from sudden or accumulative or even electrical exposures such as some electromagnetic frequencies can make allergies worse.

For example cat allergies may even be caused by an association of a cat, with a cat or not even relating to a cat at all. In this case the brain has confused an energy, an animal, particulate or chemical as with having to do with a cat, and this association between the mind, the energy of the body becomes harmful to our health and which then produces biochemical and biological responses. When in fact the over regulated responses are actually these underlying traumas, emotions, events, experiences, thoughts and toxic/chemical exposures (which may completely be unrelated to your allergic sensitivity) rather than your cat.

The causes of allergies can vary widely case to case when you begin to trace each energy and it's fields. In our work the soul tells us if there is an allergy present, or an intolerance.

With our bioenergetic allergy protocol we help the body balance and harmonize it's energetic, magnetic, and electromagnetic, emotional, mental and/or causal associations to the particulate/substance by helping educate the soul to heal it's real underlying balances, however if your allergy is rather an intolerance and due to an on-going accumulative exposure rather than an allergy, we can still help you energetically and physically and you should inquire about a few sessions with these matters as they may be incumbent from another pre-existing health issue/condition.


Cat Allergy Group Session (Feb '23)

I've personally been able to address over 12 of my clients with their allergies to various substances, even allergies to people, their spouses or colleagues with this technique that I've been trained in.

We are hosting a group session this February by donation, which will include:
The energetic session work of over 5 hours of cat allergy protocol

 A magnetic meditation lead by Colin
  One hour of a live session over zoom to help you address your cat allergies.

All for a gracious donation of $1 - $24 of your choosing.

Register below and we will send you an e-mail reminder, and more information on the group session closer to date.

If you are unable to make the group session and have signed up with your name, you will still receive the benefit at the time, and you will still have access to the Bioenergetic Cat Allergy video for a life-time where you can repeat the energy self-healing work whenever you want.

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