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Magnetic therapies have been in use since 6000 BC.  Dr. Isaac Goiz discovered biomagnetism pair therapy in Mexico City in 1988 during an energy therapy course.

He discovered certain pathogens and issues rely on polarity and pH imbalances which can be corrected with the precise application and placement of magnetic pairs of a positive and a negative pole. Since this re-discovery, he has helped over 100,000 of his patients during his career along with training new therapists, doctors, and practitioners around the world.

Using the natural earth energies of magnetism as well as your magnetic field and the body’s innate intelligence, we can harmonize and regulate normal function in glands, organs, and systems of humans and animals.

What is Biomagnetism Therapy?

Biomagnetism Therapy is the approach of the application of a pair of magnets used in various locations on the body to balance pH levels. Neutralizing pH imbalances helps maintain your body in a healthy state called “homeostasis”.

Biomagnetism is:

  • A unique alternative approach from western healthcare.

  • safe - with no harmful side effects.

  • Precise and accurate at normalizing Ph levels.

  • Medication/pharmaceutical-free

  • Often chosen to address issues that have been left unresolved by other modalities/approaches.

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If you want to dive deeper into Biomagnetism pair therapy, visit Daniel's website:

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